Blue Water Sportfishing Association 2007 Boat Tournament Rules and Regulations

Note: Areas in Blue and italicized are changes in the 
Rules and Regulations for the 2007 Season

The following rules and regulations shall govern our tournaments. The "Tournament Committee" shall be the sole interpreters of these rules. Any changes in these rules must be approved by the board of directors and shall be printed in the newsletter.

         I.      ELIGIBILITY

A.      The skipper of all entered boats must be a member in good standing of the Blue Water Sportfishing Association at least one day prior to the beginning of the tournament entered. The skipper must be able to show a current membership card upon request of the tournament committee.

B.       All entered boats must have at least two (2) persons on board and be equipped with a VHF radio.  Channel 68 will be our tournament channel. However, channel 69 will be used to register with the Tournament Committee. 

C.       A parent or guardian must accompany persons under the age of seventeen (17). 

       II.      REGISTRATION

A.      An entry fee of $ 10.00 will be paid for each person on board all boats entered in the tournament.  Note: All children under the age of seventeen (17) are free. 

B.       Boats may register for a tournament by contacting the Tournament Committee by VHF radio, channel 69, by 5:30am and report to the staging area for the designated harbor for the tournament.  All boats will leave the staging area at 5:30am to begin the tournament. All boats may leave the staging area when the flashing light aboard the tournament coordinators boat is turned off.  After the boats have left the staging area channel 68 will be used for our tournament channel, therefore all communication and registration after 5:30 a.m. will take place on channel 68.  ** Staging and registration for the Walleye tournament to take place at 6:00 p.m.  The staging area will be identified by a flashing light atop of the tournament coordinators’ boat.

C.       All boats must have registered to be eligible to weigh in and qualify for points.

D.      When registering for a tournament, report your name or the name of your boat and the number of persons seventeen years and older on board.

E.       Once you have entered a tournament, you may not withdraw for any reason. Entry fees will be collected at the weigh-in. If for some reason you do not attend the weigh-in, your entry fee will be due at the next general membership meeting. Failure to pay your entry fees at this time will exempt you from fishing in the next scheduled tournament. 

F.       The captain of each boat registering for the tournament must be the captain of the boat as registered at the start of the year on the club's membership paperwork.  The only exceptions will be in case of emergencies such as boat/car/trailer breakdowns, etc.  In case of such emergency, the captain is to notify the tournament committee prior to the start of the tournament.  The tournament committee reserves the right to rule the situation to be a legitimate emergency.


A.      Locations

                                                               i.      Tournaments from Port Huron (Between buoys #1 and #2 in Lake Huron)

                                                              ii.      Tournaments from Port Sanilac (Outside of the harbor on the North side)

                                                            iii.      Tournaments from Harbor Beach (Outside of the harbor on the North side)

                                                            iv.      Tournaments from Port Austin (Outside of the harbor on the North side)

                                                              v.      Tournaments from Ludington will NOT have a staging area. (Begin setting lines at 5:30 a.m., Pull lines by 11:00 a.m.)

B.       For  tournaments with staging areas, if you choose to start later than 5:30 AM, your boat can be no further into the lake than the tournament designated staging area prior to 5:30am and you must notify the tournament committie
on channel 68 before setting lines.


A.      All tournaments will start at  5:30 AM and will end at 11:00 AM (except the Walleye And Perch Tournament), unless a sudden change in boating conditions warrants the Tournament Committee to alter the times.  If a change is necessary due to weather conditions, it will  be announced on VHF radio, channel 68. If a change is due to fishing conditions it will be printed in the newsletter and be announced at the general membership meeting prior to the tournament. 

B.       The weigh-in will be at the end of each day's fishing. You will have 1-˝ hours to get to the weigh-in.  You must get your fish weighed or be in line to be weighed within that time limit each day. Our picnic will start approximately one (1) hour after the end of the day's fishing. Please get to the weigh-in as soon as possible. 

C.       Schedules for the boat tournaments will be available at the general membership meeting in March.

D.      If a crew fishing a club tournament does not plan to attend the weigh-in, they must let a Tournament Committee member know via VHF radio, channel 68, or forfeit eligibility for the next scheduled tournament, or the first day of a two day tournament. 

E.       The twilight tournament will be staged to leave at 5:00PM and there will be no stop time.  All boats must be in line by 10:30PM at the weigh in.


A.      The Tournament Committee may cancel a tournament at any time, when, in their opinion, boating conditions warrant the cancellation. 

B.       For a tournament to be official, at least three (3) consecutive hours of fishing must take place, and at least five (5) boats must be entered. 

C.       If a tournament is delayed due to bad weather, the Tournament Committee will stop and restart the tournament when they feel conditions merit it. All decisions will be announced on VHF radio, channel 68. If it appears the tournament will not restart later that day, and at least three (3) consecutive hours of fishing have taken place, the weigh-in will be within 1-˝ hours of the announcement. If three (3) consecutive hours of fishing have not taken place, the Tournament Committee will announce a proposed restart up to 10:00 AM of that tournament day. 

D.      During a two (2) day tournament, if one day is canceled due to bad weather, the day fished will be the official results. 


A.      All fish must be caught on rods and reels, and must comply with the Michigan Department of National Resources rules and regulations. Canadian laws apply if fishing in Canadian waters. 

B.       No more than a 3 man legal limit of rods may be used on each boat.

C.       All trout and salmon (except pinks) are to be a minimum of 18" long to be eligible to be weighed in.  All boats must fish from port of call. All boats should return to port of call, unless weather conditions or a boating emergency has taken place. You must let the tournament director know of this, or at least someone fishing the tournament.    

D.      Blue Water Sportfishing Association tournaments are designed to be fun for all participants.  Remember that these are "HONOR SYSTEM" tournaments and sportsmanship is vital to their success.

   VII.      SCORING

A.      Only five (5) fish may be weighed-in. The skipper of each boat must decide which five (5) fish to weigh.   Placing will be based on the combined weight of these fish. If there is a tie, the heaviest single fish will break the tie for that placing.  If a tie still exists, the placing will be decided by the toss of a coin.

B.       For 2 day tournaments fishing will be conducted as follow:

                                                               i.      Captains and crew may fish either day or both. If fishing both days, you must register each day and pay for each day. Placing of a two day event will be the heaviest weight of 5 five fish from one day. 2nd place will be the boat with the 2nd heaviest catch from either day and son on and so forth.

C.       Preliminary results will be announced at the end of each weigh-in. Official results will be announced at the next general membership meeting. This will allow the Tournament Committee to double check the results and verify entries.


A.      No cash prizes will be awarded.

B.       The top 10 boats will receive Captain of the Year points.  Also, 2 bonus points for the biggest trout or salmon caught in tournament.

C.       1st place boat is not exempt from big fish bonus points.

D.      Trophies will be presented to the winning captain and crew of an event at the January general membership meeting. 


A.      The captain who has earned the most points at the end of the year will win the "Captain of the Year" award, First Place. The captain earning the next highest points will win "Captain of the Year" award, Second Place. The captain earning the third highest points will win the "Captain of the Year" award, Third Place. 

B.       Scoring:

                                                               i.      10 points for 1st place finish10

                                                              ii.      9 points for 2nd

                                                            iii.      8 points for 3rd

                                                            iv.      7 points for 4th

                                                              v.      6 points for 5th

                                                            vi.      5 points for 6th

                                                           vii.      4 points for 7th

                                                         viii.      3 points for 8th

                                                            ix.      2 points for 9th

                                                              x.      1 point for 10th

                                                             xi.      2 bonus points for the biggest eligible fish caught in tournament

       X.      PROTESTS

A.      In the event you wish to file a protest, it must be in writing to the Tournament Committee, no later than the general membership meeting following the infraction. The Tournament Committee will meet and make a decision on the matter as soon as possible.  The Tournament Committee is the sole interpreters of these rules.

B.       The tournament Committee's decision is final. 


The Tournament Committee and the Blue Water Sportfishing Association will accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for  the safety of any participants. All entrants enter and participate at their own risk. The picnics at the weigh-in will supply food and non-alcoholic beverages on the first day of the tournament.

Good luck to all that enter. See you at the weigh-in !

The Tournament Committee is Mike Warshefski (Chairman), Bob Lane, Bob Roskey, Mike Rymar, Karen Roskey, Debby Livingston, and Paul Baker.